The complex biochemistry of cannabis is the ideal application for the IPS Discovery™ outcomes tracking system.

The variability in patient pathophysiology is unique to each individual. Personalized clinical indications may be mapped against the complex nature of the endocanabinoid system offering a personalized approach.

The IPS Discovery™ manages individual patient care plans for a myriad of patient types and compares them to the chemovars and cultivars. The outcomes tracking feature assists the healthcare provider:

The ability to show proof of the treatment plans and their outcomes is information that is invaluable for any emerging field including that of phytobiology.

Capture & Manage Information with a Single Resource:

The importance of outcomes tracking. Patient follow-up is often overlooked... The automatic follow-up feature shows your patients that you care about their treatment and outcomes.

Q. How many times have you, as a patient, wondered about your treatment/test results and when the healthcare provider will get around to communicating with you about your treatment path? “Do they even care that I am/or am not better?”

The IPS Discovery™ offers customizable and automated surveys that follow up with the patient. This feature measures how the patient is feeling as a result of their treatment/procedure. The automated results may be reviewed, next steps realized, data is stored in the patient’s file and may be used as a point of reference for future visits to show advancements or that further/different actions should be implemented. Decipher what is working in your practice.

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