The IPS Discovery™ captures vital information that is relevant to the procedure including diagnostic legacy imaging data sets such as CT and MRI as well as surgical imaging using fluoroscopy, endoscopy, ultrasound, and X-Ray.

The IPS Discovery™ is capable of being used in most minimally invasive surgical applications that require imaging technologies to facilitate the delivery of any therapy.

These Include:

All surgeries that require image based documentation to demonstrate the efficacy and accuracy of the procedure can benefit from the IPS Discovery™.

The IPS Discovery™ also designs operative reports, intended for compliance documentation and patient review. Practices may also find the embedded reimbursement codes helpful when putting in insurance claims.

Busy surgery centers and healthcare networks can use the IPS Discovery™ for complete surgical documentation and integration with EMR & PACS networks in outcomes tracking studies.

Capture & Manage Information with a Single Resource:

The importance of outcomes tracking. Patient follow-up is often overlooked... The automatic follow-up feature shows your patients that you care about their treatment and outcomes.

Q. How many times have you, as a patient, wondered about your treatment/test results and when the healthcare provider will get around to communicating with you about your treatment path? “Do they even care that I am/or am not better?”

The IPS Discovery™ offers customizable and automated surveys that follow up with the patient. This feature measures how the patient is feeling as a result of their treatment/procedure. The automated results may be reviewed, next steps realized, data is stored in the patient’s file and may be used as a point of reference for future visits to show advancements or that further/different actions should be implemented. Decipher what is working in your practice.

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