IPS Discovery™ is ideal for minimally invasive spine surgery as it seamlessly correlates endoscopic and fluoroscopic data with patient’s MRI. This will show an accurate and thorough surgical intervention for the best positive outcome for the patient.

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) procedures have been evolving over the last 25 years.

Procedures require precision, accuracy, and unique instrumentation. Disparate data sets are used in conjunction to provide an imaging road-map for physicians to navigate and guide their instrumentation to precise targets. These data sets must work together to demonstrate surgical accuracy and efficiency.

The IPS Discovery™ efficiently and effectively integrate all forms of disparate data and correlates the data with other parameters of the surgery.

The entire spectrum of surgical data is captured in one unique format and stored in the database for patient reference, case types, procedure protocols, reimbursement, reporting, patient data analytics, and publications. The IPS Discovery™ provides compliance, accurate patient records, and outcomes tracking in one simple package.

 Capture & Manage Information with a Single Resource:

The importance of outcomes tracking. Patient follow-up is often overlooked... The automatic follow-up feature shows your patients that you care about their treatment and outcomes.

Q. How many times have you, as a patient, wondered about your treatment/test results and when the healthcare provider will get around to communicating with you about your treatment path? “Do they even care that I am/or am not better?”

The IPS Discovery™ offers customizable and automated surveys that follow up with the patient. This feature measures how the patient is feeling as a result of their treatment/procedure. The automated results may be reviewed, next steps realized, data is stored in the patient’s file and may be used as a point of reference for future visits to show advancements or that further/different actions should be implemented. Decipher what is working in your practice.

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